Hexa x Amazon: A 3D Production Powerhouse

Hexa x Amazon: A 3D Production Powerhouse

Merchants can expect to witness a 94% conversion lift by adding 3D models to their product pages. This astounding statistic makes sense when you know that 82% of visitors choose to view products in 3D, when given the option to do so.

Have you ever wished you could snap your fingers and create 3D content for your storefront? If you’re selling on Amazon, the process has been made as simple as snapping your fingers. With Amazon and Hexa’s partnership, all Amazon sellers can now access Hexa’s proprietary immersive operating system and its abilities to transform their inventory into 3D models.

As a seller, what exactly does this mean for you? A whole lot.

Let’s peel back the layers.


At the Core–3D Models

Before we touch on the benefits, it’s important to understand the basics. Digital twins are interactive virtual models that accurately replicate a tangible object and/or environment.

While a 3D model in itself is useful, exciting, and profitable to display, the possibilities don’t stop there. Hexa maximizes the value of 3D models with our content creation, management, and display/distribution solutions. For example, with any 3D model created, you can also apply it for 360º viewing, augmented reality, and virtual try-on. The possibilities are limitless, and at the heart of it, your 3D models are at work to better your customer’s shopping experience.

As you already know, the growth of ecommerce and Amazon sales is rising with each passing minute. At the time of this writing, there are nearly 10 million Amazon sellers globally, and in 2022, the global e-commerce market was valued at $16.6 trillion. So, it’s no wonder why every online seller is looking to curate the most interactive, enjoyable, and easy experiences to fulfill consumer demand and gain that competitive edge.

3D Made Easy for Sellers: How it Works

Through this partnership, Amazon is granting its third-party selling partners access to Hexa’s technology. All Amazon sellers have to do is upload their Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) into Hexa’s content management system (CMS). By doing so, Hexa’s CMS will transform their product images into high-fidelity 3D models, using as little as one image.

On the frontend, sellers gain access to display their products in the best light. With the ability to have 3D product images, virtual try-on, AR, and more, customers can shop with confidence, thereby decreasing return rates, increasing sales, and promoting customer loyalty.

On the backend, the technology at work relies on the symbiotic relationship between Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) spatial computing and imaging teams working alongside Hexa’s team. While the technology itself may be complex, the workflow has been made ultra simple. No matter what level of acumen or understanding that any Amazon seller has, they are able to seamlessly create 3D content without hurdles or extra costs.

Opening A World of Opportunity

Online shopping brings with it an enormous amount of convenience, but at the same time, sellers have been tasked with overcoming hurdles, such as trust and the high costs associated with building consumer confidence.

Hexa’s technology and offering to Amazon’s sellers offers a resolution. Now, customers can take a much deeper look and understand any product as if they were looking at it in real-life. In turn, return rates drop and customers shop with confidence knowing that the item they will receive looks exactly as it did online when they added it to their cart.

With Hexa and Amazon’s relationship, sellers can greatly personalize their product lines. 3D models allow for customers to see a product in space, on a model, or configured in a realistic environment to better understand its properties, look, and fit. With 360º viewing, customers can look at a product from every angle, turn it around, zoom in, and really get a grasp of the details before buying. By granting the option for virtual try-on, customers can mirror their in-store shopping experience and see how the product looks on themself. With augmented reality experiences, the door is wide open for what retailers and sellers can do to transform the customer to new worlds, all with their product at play.

Additionally, through AWS Thinbox’s render infrastructure, Hexa’s 3D tech stack also provides Amazon selling partners with all they need to create marketing materials, such as packshots and lifestyle images directly from the 3D digital twins that have been created. This saves sellers a lot of time and money by reducing the need for photoshoots, logistics, transportation of goods, and more. Not to mention, the digital workflow is better for the environment and helps sellers reach their sustainability goals.

The Bottom Line, in the Next Dimension

With more than 150 tools and services to assist its third-party retailers, Amazon is always adding the latest and greatest partnerships to its belt to help sellers do what they do best–sell.
This latest partnership between Hexa and Amazon is yet another example of this.

As an Amazon seller, you can easily convert your 2D product line into 3D models, with the potential to leverage the assets for any use case you desire. It’s never been easier than now, so what’s the hold up? Transform your storefront today!

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