3D Display & Distribution: From Screens to Scenes

Your 3D models are ready to be put to use, for any use you desire.


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3D Viewer

Say goodbye to lag time and user drop-off. Say hello to interactivity and immense detail at your consumers’ fingertips.


  • 01Speed

    Hexa’s 3D Viewer facilitates parallel processing, loading at the maximum frames per second without sacrificing computational power. So, your 3D models load just as quickly as your 2D images without snags for immediate interaction.

  • 02Quality

    For the best experience, 3D models should exist in their intended digital environment. Hexa ensures this outcome for new and existing assets.

  • 03Security

    Protect your assets. All 3D files are automatically encrypted, which makes it virtually impossible for anyone to simply download your 3D models for their own use.

  • 04Version Control

    The 3D models’ quality and fidelity is forever based on where they will be displayed. Assets will always render on the 3D viewer that best supports their integrity.

360º Viewer

Take the load off and move freely.

  • icon of 3D model rotation in every direction

    3D model rotation in every direction

  • icon of Instantaneous interaction

    Instantaneous interaction

  • icon of Automatically optimizes images

    Automatically optimizes images

Augmented Reality Viewer

Bring 3D to life, on and off the screen.

With Hexa, there’s no need to outsource AR Viewers or use third-party APIs. Hexa’s AR Viewer is ready-to-use and purposefully designed to display 3D models in their intended environment.

Digital Studio

Create any type of photorealistic imagery in a fraction of the time by removing the need for time-consuming and expensive photoshoots.

Virtual Try-On

Store open or store closed? It won’t matter.

Virtual try-on makes it such that your customers can experience your products as if they were in-person, from jewelry to glasses to clothing. Plus, you can also connect virtual-try on for your partnerships, so every seller can showcase your brand realistically.

You’ve got 3D goals. We’ve got solutions. Let’s talk about them.

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Content Syndication

Distribute your 3D models on any global platform by copying and pasting the “embed tag” code snipped onto your website (it really is that easy).

  • 1,600+ brands connected through syndicators

    1,600+ brands connected through syndicators

  • Hexa hosts
all 3D models

    Hexa hosts all 3D models

  • Uniform experience across distribution channels

    Uniform experience across distribution channels

3D Marketing

Let’s get digital!

Showcase your 3D models across social media platforms for any marketing campaign that you have planned (or yet to plan).

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