Open the Door to 3D Furniture Commerce

Your furniture changes people’s lives for the better. Leverage a 3D commerce operating system that does the same for your team. Maximize your customer experience with incomparable 3D model creation, content standardization, augmented reality capabilities, and more.

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  • ​​ Scale 3D Content Creation:

    Hexa’s platform combines human expertise and automated processes to create hundreds of high-fidelity 3D assets in what feels like no time.

  • Standardize Existing Content:

    Make use of your existing 3D content and assets through our standardization process that can edit and enhance models to guarantee quality.

  • Single Image Curation:

    Receive 3D models from nothing more than a single image. Take advantage of Hexa’s API that does the heavy lifting to transform 2D images into 3D models (or, if you wish, upload 2D images manually).



  • Optimize Models for Use Cases:

    Repurpose or reconstruct 3D models to tailor them for whatever output you have in mind. Downsize, upsize, or transform any existing file format without sacrificing its fidelity through an efficient process.

  • Reduce QA Time:

    Hexa’s CMS is purposefully designed to reduce visual QA time from weeks to hours. Multiply the time savings by your catalog’s total and save weeks of back and forth for approvals.

  • Centralize and Organize Assets:

    Update your product pages in real-time en masse or one-by-one with a central repository for all products and statuses.



  • Deliver Augmented Reality Experiences:

    Allow your customers to visualize your pieces in their respective space without any need for physical product delivery.

  • Construct Style and Product Shots:

    Share style shots of furniture setups or single product shots on any color background to display pieces in their most desirable light.

  • Maximize Content Distribution:

    Provide access to 3D models across all your retailers and distributor websites for maximized reach and conversion rates.

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Whether you wish to transform 2D product pages to 3D for the first time, improve upon the 3D images you already have, analyze performance or scale distribution across various platforms, Hexa is here to help.