3D Commerce, Shaped for You

We believe that the future of 3D commerce will be driven by forward-thinking retailers and brands, like you.

To do so, they’ll need a 3D tech stack that enables their 3D commerce experience and business goals to come to fruition, from creation to distribution to marketing, and everything in between.

Our Mission

Improve people's lives using synthetic data

Our Story

In the Future…

3D content will be at the heart of all online and offline retail. At Hexa, we are eliminating the time-consuming and pain-staking process of managing 3D projects by delivering a first-of-its-kind immersive 3D OS. Using our advanced 3D tech stack, retailers can lower visualization costs, reduce customer acquisition costs, increase sales metrics, and distribute content globally. Macy’s, Logitech, Crate & Barrel and more use Hexa to accomplish their goals.

See How

What we do today creates the future of commerce.

The vast potential of 3D commerce expands on the daily, with new metaverses appearing, NFTs in commerce, synthetic data, and more. And so, with each day, we are one step closer to enabling the 3D commerce of tomorrow. Are you coming with us?