3D Asset Management: An All-Encompassing Solution

From creation through distribution, you can manage processes to make informed business decisions, achieve efficiency, and optimize your customer experience.

Best of all, you can choose to use Hexa’s entire suite of solutions or a single service.

3D Content Management

A place for your 3D assets to call home.

Hexa’s first-of-its-kind CMS has been carefully designed and tested by industry leaders and 3D engineers to ensure that the platform has everything you need to operate 3D commerce smoothly.

  • Conduct simple and visual QA

    Conduct simple and visual QA

  • Distribute 3D models for any use case

    Distribute 3D models for any use case

  • Manage 3D model creation

    Manage 3D model creation

  • Upload existing 3D assets

    Upload existing 3D assets

  • 3D Model Conversion

    The transformation of 3D models into usable assets.

    Convert models from different formats to standardize them for whatever use case you desire. From augmented reality (AR) to ecommerce, your 3D models are web-ready.

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  • 3D Model Optimization

    Delivering 3D models that are exactly like the real thing.

    Hexa also develops workflows for your team, so you can effectively manage your product pipeline based on your priorities and goals.

Your 3D commerce experience is ready to begin. Are you?

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Analytics, at your Fingertips

Data that prove it’s worth it.

You no longer need to make guesses about 3D asset placement and resource allocation. Our data points and A/B results show you exactly where to position your 3D models and what products to focus on to maximize ROI. Let’s get down to the bottom line: How much revenue will your 3D models generate? Hexa can tell you.

Ready to Manage?

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