Powering Your 3D Commerce for Consumer Electronics

Electronics are chosen for their dynamism, details, and design. Empower your customers to experience your products’ every feature with 3D models down to the pixel. Manage and distribute your catalog with a CMS geared to scale.

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  • Scalable 3D Model Creation:

    Choose your preferred data input method (API, image upload, URLs, etc.) and allow Hexa’s narrow AI and 3D engineers to create photo-realistic and interactive 3D models swiftly.

  • Access to Real-Time Rendering:

    Through the 3D or 360º viewer, you can empower your customers to visualize and explore every inch of your product as if they were holding it or trying it out in their own space.

  • Seamless File Conversion:

    Make the most out of your design files by using Hexa to convert them into usable web-compatible and standardized 3D assets for customer interaction.



  • Leverage Existing Assets:

    With thousands of consumer electronics products in Hexa’s repository, you can gain access to existing assets for your intended use cases without having to do any work.

  • Streamline QA Process:

    Provide feedback on 3D models with your team, wherever they may be. Use our CMS to leave comments, address changes, approve assets, and distribute content globally.

  • Customize and Develop Workflows:

    Implement your own workflows or leverage Hexa’s team to create workflows to optimize 3D asset creation, management, and distribution.



  • Content Syndication:

    Bring your products to life through syndication with retail partners, stockists, social media platforms, and any other desired output.

  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Applications:

    Allows customers to experience products as they would in person, from every angle with uncompromised detail.

  • Virtual Sampling:

    Utilize 3D models for sales meetings on the spot without ever having to carry and load heavy and delicate inventory.

Ready to Flip the Switch?

With Hexa, your 3D commerce strategy doesn’t have to be binary. You can choose where you want to implement Hexa’s solutions based on your needs. Tell us more about your goals to get going.