Hexa x Amazon: A 3D Production Powerhouse

Get 3D, 360º, augmented reality (AR), virtual try-on (VTO), and CGI capabilities for your Amazon.com storefront with Hexa’s immersive 3D tech stack!

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What Retailers Like You Stand to Gain

  • Scalability for All

    Every Amazon.com retailer is eligible to utilize Hexa’s technology to create 3D models and AR experiences for their storefronts.

  • Increased Sales

    The ability to showcase products in 3D, 360º views, and augmented reality can help to boost sales and provides interactivity for customers to buy with confidence.

  • Optimized 3D Pipeline Creation

    Hexa will design your 3D content workflow so there’s no added effort on your business’ end. Simply provide a single input or even a design file, and we’ll create its digital twin for any use case.

How It Works

  • 1

    Chat with our team and decide on the package that’s best for your business

  • 2

    The system will automatically convert your product images into a compatible 3D product page

  • 3

    Enhance your customer experience with 360º viewing, virtual try-on, augmented reality and 3D experiences

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Transform your Amazon 2D storefront into a world of 3D experiences with the click of a button.