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In a world where you always have to be a season ahead, you deserve a 3D commerce toolstack that is light years ahead. Prioritize your customers’ desires with high-quality 3D content creation, streamlined asset management, and robust distribution capabilities.

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  • Enhance the Shopping Experience:

    Transform as many PDPs as you wish into 3D assets without human intervention. Hexa’s API can pull from your website and directly upload 3D content once it’s been approved.

  • Understand Your 3D Strategy:

    Hexa’s A/B testing determines where your 3D assets will deliver the most value (i.e. 360º Viewer, 3D Models, Virtual Try-On, etc.) based on the product’s construction, attributes, and customer behavior.

  • Streamline Your Workflows:

    Take the guesswork out of 3D asset creation. Hexa develops workflows so you don’t have to add any extra thought or task processes to your plate.



  • Dramatically Reduce Feedback Time:

    On average, it takes 12 minutes to QA an asset, with a feedback ratio rate of 30-70%. That means weeks of back and forth that you simply don’t have time for. With Hexa’s alignment tool and DAM, you can reduce feedback time to 7%, and on average, half a day’s time.

  • Maximize Your ROI:

    Hexa’s analytics provides you with the answers you need to know how customers are engaging with your products, so you can make informed decisions.

  • Centralize Assets and Statuses:

    Grow your “add to cart” and purchase conversions with Hexa’s CMS that supports real-time management of all your 3D assets in one place. Take PDPs offline, edit them, and go live without the headache of inventory spreadsheets and mass uploads.



  • Syndicate and Distribute Products:

    Choose to display 3D content across your website or use Hexa’s API to automatically upload your assets to syndicators seamlessly.

  • Enable Virtual-Try On:

    With Hexa’s realistic augmented reality experiences and virtual try-on capabilities, customers will feel like they are trying on your products in person, helping to reduce return volume and increase purchase conversions.

  • Reduce Costs:

    With synthetic data, Hexa can render 3D models on 2D images to make a photorealistic outcome without the unnecessary cost and time for photoshoots.