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In a world where you always have to be a season ahead, you deserve a 3D commerce toolstack that is light years ahead. Prioritize your customers’ desires with high-quality 3D content creation, streamlined asset management, and robust distribution capabilities.

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  • Enhance the Shopping Experience:

    Transform as many PDPs as you wish into 3D assets without human intervention. Hexa’s API can pull from your website and directly upload 3D content once it’s been approved.

  • Understand Your 3D Strategy:

    Hexa’s A/B testing determines where your 3D assets will deliver the most value (i.e. 360º Viewer, 3D Models, Virtual Try-On, etc.) based on the product’s construction, attributes, and customer behavior.

  • Streamline Your Workflows:

    Take the guesswork out of 3D asset creation. Hexa develops workflows so you don’t have to add any extra thought or task processes to your plate.



  • Dramatically Reduce Feedback Time:

    On average, it takes 12 minutes to QA an asset, with a feedback ratio rate of 30-70%. That means weeks of back and forth that you simply don’t have time for. With Hexa’s alignment tool and DAM, you can reduce feedback time to 7%, and on average, half a day’s time.

  • Maximize Your ROI:

    Hexa’s analytics provides you with the answers you need to know how customers are engaging with your products, so you can make informed decisions.

  • Centralize Assets and Statuses:

    Grow your “add to cart” and purchase conversions with Hexa’s CMS that supports real-time management of all your 3D assets in one place. Take PDPs offline, edit them, and go live without the headache of inventory spreadsheets and mass uploads.



  • Syndicate and Distribute Products:

    Choose to display 3D content across your website or use Hexa’s API to automatically upload your assets to syndicators seamlessly.

  • Enable Virtual-Try On:

    With Hexa’s realistic augmented reality experiences and virtual try-on capabilities, customers will feel like they are trying on your products in person, helping to reduce return volume and increase purchase conversions.

  • Reduce Costs:

    With synthetic data, Hexa can render 3D models on 2D images to make a photorealistic outcome without the unnecessary cost and time for photoshoots.

Step Into the Future

Add Hexa to your bag of goods. At any step of your 3D commerce journey, Hexa is here to help you transform your customers’ experiences.