Kick-Off with 3D Asset Creation

Begin your 3D journey by letting Hexa do all the heavy lifting. Hexa’s proprietary technology solves the process of creating 3D models from 2D images at scale, without ever sacrificing quality.

It All Starts with One

Whether you’re starting from scratch or wish to improve upon existing assets, our single image reconstruction capabilities mean that we can develop high-fidelity and realistic 3D models with nothing more than a single 2D image as the foundation.

  • Single Image

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  • Product Page URL

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  • Product Scan

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The Process at Work

  • 01

    Data Input

    Choose your data input option, including image upload, product page URLs, or Hexa’s API that will automatically fetch the information from your website and pull the required content.

  • 02

    Model Creation

    Hexa’s narrow AI and 3D engineers perfect the foundational geometry and overlay textures to create 3D assets that look just like the real thing.

  • 03

    Visual QA

    The easy-to-use CMS allows you to provide feedback directly on the model(s), ask any questions, and manage your assets for global distribution, all from a centralized location.

3D Experiences from Every Angle

  • Full-Scale 3D
  • 3D Video
  • AR Experiences
  • 2D Product Imagery

Your 3D commerce experience is ready to begin. Are you?

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The Hexa Difference

  • 01Quality + Scale

    Hexa’s 3D models prioritize and optimize asset quality at your desired scale

  • 02Production Rate

    Hexa’s narrow AI and 3D engineers create 3D models in a speedy turnaround time

  • 03Workflow Design

    Hexa’s team designs a workflow to optimally execute your 3D commerce needs

  • 04Integration + Distribution

    Implement 3D models with a single snippet of code and distribute it across AR, virtual try-ons, immersive campaigns, content syndication, and global platforms

  • 05Revenue Maximization

    Leverage real-time analytics to know where your 3D models achieve the most ROI

  • 06Tailored 3D Commerce

    Hexa is an immersive OS that provides the necessary technology at any stage from creation, management, and analytics through to distribution

Ready to Create?

So are we! We’d love to share more about how Hexa’s team can accomplish your 3D commerce needs, wherever you may currently be along your journey. We’re also here to answer any questions. Fill out the form, and we will be in touch to get going.