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Where 3D Commerce Clicks

Where 3D Commerce Clicks

Elevate your ecommerce experience with a 3D tech stack that lets you create, manage, analyze, and distribute your 3D assets built around your organization’s needs.

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Designed for You, Made for the World.

Our mission is to build the world’s most powerful 3D Immersive OS that lets every company fulfil its 3D aspirations. It’s forward-thinking retailers like you that are reshaping the game. Our technology takes you from where you are to where you want to be by providing scalable, top-quality, and practical solutions at any and every point of your 3D commerce journey.



Powered by a human and machine combo, Hexa creates 3D assets at scale without ever sacrificing quality. You need as little as one image to get started.

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    3D Models

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    Digital Studio


An easy-to-use CMS allows your team to ensure optimal quality, manage all assets, conduct analysis, and/or optimize existing 3D models. All content is centralized and all workflows are continuous.

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    3D CMS

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    3D Model Optimization

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    3D Model Conversion

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    3D Model Analytics


With just a snippet of provided code, you can display your 3D products on the platform of your choosing, launch an AR experience, distribute your content globally, set up a virtual try-ons or create immersive marketing campaigns.

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    3D Viewer

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    Virtual Try-on

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    360 Viewer

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    Content Syndication

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    AR Viewer

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    3D Marketing

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Who Says It’s All or Nothing?

Our solutions become Your solutions. Just add your WHY.

Whether you wish to transform 2D product pages to 3D for the first time, improve upon the 3D images you already have, analyze performance, or scale distribution across various platforms, Hexa is here to help.