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Hexa creates custom 3D/AR ecommerce experiences that drive results for leading brands and retailers worldwide

  • Up to 2,500 models a month
  • Launch within days
  • Integration with a single line of code
  • 3D models created from any image
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3D Commerce Drives Results

Hexa leads the way by providing a unique, end-to-end solution.
From high level strategy to production, distribution and optimization. Hexa covers all the bases.

Creation – from 2D to 3D
  • Hexa employs advanced AI and a team of experienced 3D engineers to convert 2D images to 3D models.
  • Data from over 500 million ecommerce interactions guarantees creation of the most impactful content for every use case.
  • Process automation and optimized QA enables speed and scale alongside accuracy and quality.
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Versatility -  Value -  Vision

Hexa 3D ecommerce experts help plan the distribution of 3D assets in a variety of ways:

  1. Featured on your online product page content carousel
  2. Distribute content to retailers and resellers worldwide
  3. View in your room - AR experience
  4. High quality images for sales and marketing to replace expensive photoshoots
  5. 3D/AR ads on platforms like Google, Facebook and Snap
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Your Tailored 3D Strategy

Your 3D production plan must be cost-effective and well-planned, to prevent unnecessary expenses and assure an ROI positive outcome.

By understanding your business goals and performance, we will be able to offer a 3D/AR solution that perfectly fits your needs, and optimize your product pages accordingly.

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AR & 3D Supports the Customer Journey

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Position products in their room

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Measure items accurately

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Provide interactive experience – Just like visiting a store

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Encourage a high level of trust and confidence in purchase

Minimize mistakes and shorten the sales cycle through 3D commerce solutions


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+2000 Models per month

Add 2000+ models to your website each month. Feature the first 3D assets on your website within a week.

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Plug & Play

One line of code, enables an extensive array of immersive experiences all generated from your existing online content

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Pay per impression

Pay only when customers view your 3D content. No production fee required. Lower the risk, Maximize the opportunity.

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Let customers test your products at home

Increase customer confidence by letting them see the products in their home environment

3D Commerce – Shop Differently

Enabling and optimizing remote shopping is now a must for retailers of all sizes worldwide.

Having presented our 3D models to more than 500M shoppers, we at Hexa know that 3D can lead to a positive ROI in 87% of product categories. It solves shoppers’ main concern, with 75% describing the inability to feel or try a product as the biggest drawback of ecommerce.

Scaling 3D commerce presents new challenges, opportunities, and responsibilities to retailers. Hexa uses experience and technology to navigate this new path towards success.
The new situation presents new challenges, opportunities, and responsibilities to retailers. Hexa is here to help you navigate your new path towards success.

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"Coronavirus Will Change How We shop, Travel and Work for Years”

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The Challenge of Scaling Your 3D Content

As a result, most businesses are unable to produce and support more than 60 3D assets per month.

Without the necessary expertise, the transition to 3D may prove to be long and costly:

Hexa3d 3d content production

Expensive and slow 3D content production

QA optimization procedures

Tedious QA and optimization procedures

3d content management tools

Building 3D content management tools

developing solutions for 3d and ar

Developing dedicated solutions for 3D and AR support

Increased storage costs

Increased storage costs

Scale Your 3D Content Now With Hexa

Scale your 3D strategy faster and for an affordable price.  Feature 3D content on your website next week.

Hexa3d algorithm

Hexa’s algorithm converts your 2D images into 3D assets

Hexa3d 3d feature

Hexa uses your product page photos with no need for product shipping or dedicated photoshoots   

Hexa3d API

Hexa samples your website or connects directly to your product API for images

hexa3d online viewer

Enjoy one of the most robust 3D online viewers

Hexa3d 3d assets

Get full control over your 3D assets and budget  

Hexa3d 3d production

Let Hexa absorb the 3D production expenses and only pay per-view

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