3D Models: The Best Alternative to Model Shots

3D Models: The Best Alternative to Model Shots

Start your search to find a model that fits your brand’s look and feel. Sign contracts. Pay the fees. Get them to your shoot location. Get your product sizing right. Ship the products. Set the right vibe. Shoot the photos. Edit them. Do it all over again for next season’s inventory. And the list goes on and on.

When setting up model photoshoots for retail purposes, there are a lot of moving parts (and associated costs). What if there was a solution that would feel like what teleportation would be if it existed as a superpower?

There is! And, you may have already guessed that it involves using 3D digital twins. We’re going to share everything you need to know about how having access to your catalogue in the form of 3D models can provide you with an abundant amount of value.

In this way, you can leverage the use of 3D models to replace the need for real-life models. In turn, you’ll save time and money, while also protecting your sustainability efforts.

*Note: We’re going to be talking about two types of models herein, namely human models (like Heidi Klum and Kendall Jenner), which we will be referring to as HM. And, 3D models, like those that Hexa creates using data, which we’ll call 3DM. This way, the topic of models won’t be more confusing than it should be.

What is a Digital Twin?

Before we talk about how 3D models may augment your workflows for human model photoshoots, let’s review what a digital twin is. A digital twin is defined as, “a virtual representation of an object of the system” by IBM. The digital twin simulates the same behavior, look, and feel as the tangible product.

Put simply, a digital twin is a digital representation of the products you wish to sell. The digital twin and its output of a 3D model look and behave exactly like the real thing. When you have a 3D model online as part of your eCommerce, customers can’t tell the difference between if it were a photo taken in a studio or a 3D model created using data.

With the aid of technology like that from Hexa, it’s possible to create a digital twin for any type of product you may wish to sell – be it furniture, consumer goods, jewelry, clothing, accessories, and more.

With a digital twin available, you can then use it for any type of marketing, augmented reality experience, virtual try-on, 360º viewing, and of course, to replace the need for model photoshoots.

Leveraging 3D Models In Action

Now, when you are planning a photoshoot with HMs, there are a lot of considerations to keep in mind. From having to book a studio or scout a location (and pray that the weather cooperates) to sourcing models and transporting the goods, there are many issues that can (and likely will) inevitably arise.

Instead, you can create 3DMs of all of your products and then input them onto existing images of models that you already have. Or, you can even use stock photography. Think about the variety of deliverables you can create using 3D models.

Let’s say you have executed many photoshoots in the past. So, you have access to a library of photos of real-life models showcasing various products. Now, you can reuse those existing photos and input new 3D models on the human models. It will look just as if the model was wearing the shirt or watch you’re trying to sell. And, if you’re just getting started and have yet to host a photoshoot, then there’s nothing to worry about because you can use royalty-free or paid stock photos to accomplish the same goal.

watch implementation

To Model Shot or Not: The Answer is Clear

There’s no denying that model shots are very beneficial for sales purposes. When customers are able to shop for items online and see what it would look like on a person just like them, it helps to boost engagement and build trust. This has the potential to lead to better conversion rates.

That being said, there are increased efforts on behalf of retailers to showcase models that look like their customers. To do so, this means having a wide-ranging demographic of models ready to shoot. When you add more models to a photoshoot, you also add more costs.

Instead, when you impose 3D models onto photos of models, you can alter whatever you’d like to. For example, if you are showcasing a diamond ring on a hand, you can create many copies of the same shot with different skin tones. This way, any shopper who is browsing would be able to imagine the ring as if it were on their own hand.


An Often Overlooked Advantage of 3D Models

Along with building customer trust and helping to boost sales, there’s another important advantage of foregoing costly and time-consuming photoshoots in person. That is, the sustainability aspect!

When you’re transporting both goods and people to various locations, you’re leaving your carbon footprint behind. Instead, everyone and everything (such as your inventory) can stay put in its current location. Without having to package and ship items, transport people, and set up a studio with lighting for a day or multiple days, you can get one step closer to reaching your sustainability efforts and preventing your carbon footprint from leading you in the opposite direction.

Putting 3D Models into Action

Do you like how this all sounds? Want to give it a try for your business?

With Hexa, it’s never been easier to recreate your product catalogue as 3D models. Hexa’s technology takes care of everything from creation to management through to distribution.

Here’s what this looks like for a retailer like you:

  1. Provide a photo or even just a design file of a product
  2. Hexa will create an exact replica in the form of a 3D model
  3. Maximize your 3D value chain by using the 3D model for any use case

Once you have 3D models at your disposal, you can use them to create model shots, packshots, lifestyle shots, 360º photography, augmented reality, virtual try-on, or interactive marketing campaigns. That’s right – the possibilities are endless.

And, it all just begins with a single product image!

A Novel Kind of Model

As you can tell, having your products in the form of digital twins can be completely life-changing from a business standpoint and also for your bottom line. By simply creating one 3D model, you can use it for any type of output you can envision.

When using 3D models instead of real-life models, you will get to cut your lead time, lower your costs, and streamline workflows without having to leave your desk.

This new approach to producing model shots has the power to transform your business for the better. Ready to enter this creation revolution with us? Lights, camera, (take) action!

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