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Hexa’s advanced technology converts 2D images to 3D models with the help of top 3D engineers, producing realistic product visuals at high speed.

Let’s go

Creating Thousands of models,
Require Big guns

3D content is a time-consuming, highly expensive and slow process. It is almost impossible to do it internally. Join the biggest manufacturer for 3D content creation to get hundreds of high-quality models, which automatically embedded to your website in a few weeks.

High- quality
  • Hexa combines talented 3D artists and innovative technology to capture the magic of realism in 3D product visualization.
  • Setting a new quality standard for real-time rendering by developing an advanced online 3D viewer.
Hands Free
  • Hexa automatically samples thousands of product images directly from you product page.
  • Fully automated process, from 2D image sampling to 3D asset presentation.
  • Integration using a single line of code.
  • AI algorithms automatically and accurately convert images in your carousel to 3D assets.
  • No manual micro-processes or human involvement needed.

Hexa’s Content Creation Pipeline explained

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Our robust algorithm uses only your 2D images to create 3D assets.

The creation process is fully automated and doesn’t require any human involvement on your end.

Watch the video to see how it works!

How many 3D models are needed to move the needle?

Even a Ferrari can’t move without patrol. You need 3D assets to make any AR experience functional. Luckily for you, Hexa happens to be one of the largest 3D manufacturers in the world. Our Content Strategists will pave your way to 3D success.

Hexa’s high-quality portfolio

Take a look at our realistic 3D assets and multiple product categories

Integrate with one line of code.

Just copy-paste our snippet code - that all the integration. We take it from there. Like implementing Facebook pixel or Google Analytics.