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Job description

We're Hexa3d. A hyper-growth start-up, currently focusing on recruiting his future generation. We believe that for building the best organizational culture, we should focus on seeing the person behind the resume before any requirement.

That's why, we're looking for extremely passionate team players, with the relevant qualities that will push us forward.

The ideal Hexagon is an independent creative mind, with a constant desire for improvement and endless enthusiasm to grow. Furthermore, we're looking for leaders, those kinds of people who can handle the toughest challenges while taking full ownership of the results.

How will your day-to-day as a Hexagon is going to be like?

As one of the first employees in the Operations department, you'll get a new idea of what it means to boost your day-to-day from 2D toward three D’s :

  • Draw your career path based on your desire and strengths while getting the best guidance from professionals like you.
  • Develop your professional skills with a daily combination of building from scratch, strategic planning, and execution (Or, push yourself to the edge of your comfort zone).
  • Discover your special contribution toward building together a giant spaceship, up to NSDQ and beyond, while leaving your creativity - In and your fears of making mistakes - Out

Oh, and If you wondered what we do, we’re building The Machine which takes every 2D image and converts it into a 3D model.

You can get a taste of what we’re already delivering by clicking Here

Who are you?

We are currently seeking an outstanding Head of Growth Operations, to help us manage a team of over 30 global Hexagons and work closely with our Delivery, R&D, and Product teams to ensure quality execution is achieved. In addition:

  • You’ll collaborate with managers and company leads, be a part of our leadership team running point on day-to-day operations, projects, and processes
  • You'll help keep track of the growth department OKR’s and important KPIs, as well as serve as an immediate and highly available first responder for everything from personnel issues to production challenges and general emergencies
  • You’ll be expected to drive both tactical and strategic initiatives while building strong relationships within the growing organization through regular meetings, check-ins, and one-on-ones

Are you a real Hexagon? (Job requirements)

We're looking for individuals who fit our unique Hexagonic culture, i.e., self-starters, like-minded, autodidactic people that are all focused on persona, team, and company growth. Also, you'll:

  • At least 5 years of experience in a similar role
  • Have experience with managing team leads who are in charge of different fields of expertise both in Israel and outside of it
  • Make sure your team and team leads are keeping up with their KPIs
  • Provide key insights to your different teams in order to optimize their performance
  • Manage and forecast your teams and their output - enabling our company to maintain exponential growth.
  • Source local and global solutions with the global procurement team
  • Roll-out global processes
  • Raise topics and challenges to global operations and product teams.
  • Drill into data related to our onboarding and logistics processes, and extract relevant insights to your teams and organization.

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