About Us

Hexa provides an efficient and cost
effective way of visualizing and communicating products.

Hexa was founded in late 2015 in the heart of one of the world's
leading innovation hubs, Tel Aviv. What started out as a virtual
dressing platform has since grown to become the largest 3D
visualisation platform in the world.For decades, 2D images have been the bedrock of e-commerce, but today 2D no longer offers an adequate experience for customers shopping online.

Fewer consumers choose to go shopping on the high street,
yet they still want to try out their products.
Customers want a tangible interaction with each product before
they make a purchase, and they want this interaction from the comfort of their sofa.

Whilst working with notable fashion retailers, Hexa noticed that the manual, time-consuming, and expensive process of creating 3D assets prevented Hexa's retail partners from using 3D content.

Hexa recognised a need to create a 3D e-commerce platform that enables 3D strategies to be easily implemented and scaled. We've created technology that is capable of producing tens of thousands of 3D assets every month, quickly, and at excellent value.

Hexa has been providing solutions for the fashion, consumer electronics, jewelry, and furniture market sectors ever since. Our technology automatically converts 2D images into 3D models, saving time and money.